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Louisville Cardinals to honor Muhammad Ali, family for generosity

When you are one of the greatest of all-time, accolades and various honors follow you around. Muhammad Ali is surely not an exception to the rule.

The University of Louisville announced today for their premiere matchup against the #2 Florida State Seminoles this Saturday, they would be honoring the legacy of Ali. Ali’s wife Lonnie and his son Assad will both be in attendance for the ceremony, the school will unveil a thirty foot painting of a butterfly, which is an obvious nod to his legendary quote.

Louisville Cardinals athletic director Tom Jurich had this to say about the ceremony via a press release:

“The Ali Family has been tremendous supporters of our program, Muhammad Ali’s presence and generosity to our department will never be forgotten and the support Lonnie and her family have given in all aspects have meant a lot to me during the course of my career at the University of Louisville.”

“They are treasured in our community and we wanted to properly thank them for everything they’ve meant to the city and the university.”

They also announced in the press release that over 3,000 shirts will be distributed before the game to students to wear.

Ali passed away in June at the age of 74 after a long battle with Parkinson’s disease. Ali was not only an activist but a philanthropist that cared deeply for the University of Louisville and the surrounding communities. The memory of Ali will continue to live on in the work that he has done for others. What a legacy to leave.

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