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NWHL cuts salaries 50 percent across the board due to financial constraints

In its second year of existence, the National Women’s Hockey League (NWHL) is going through growing pains. How big are those growing pains? If you ask those in the know, they’ll tell you as much as a 50 percent cut across the board for players. Officially, NWHL commissioner Dani Rylan wouldn’t comment on the exact percentage getting cut from salaries, but it is only one of many problems the league is currently dealing with.

Puck Daddy’s Jen Neale reports that the cuts are equal for all players, from the star players to fourth-liners working other jobs to make ends meet. The league has seen attendance drop and they have not been able to secure a media deal that they believed was fair. It raises questions about the viability of the sport long term but it is much more nuanced than that.

Facing head to head competition from another league in the CWHL (Canadian Women’s Hockey League) likely isn’t helping matters and the lack of visibility has been troublesome. As more mainstream outlets pick up the daily news from the sport, it should help the sport. The problem becomes the here and now, they are trying to stay afloat and are willing to try anything to do so. The league even accepted $ 50,000 dollars from Dunkin Donuts, one of their main sponsors, and spread the money across the league to their players.

It is a tough and desperate situation, one that will need to be monitored in the weeks and months to come. Hopefully, the league can sort out its financial issues and simultaneously keep players comfortably paid.

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