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Tony Bellew brands David Haye “disgusting” after heavyweight landed punch during press conference

David Haye was branded “distasteful and disgusting” after he punched Tony Bellew at a press conference.

Haye had already vowed to leave his opponent in hospital after their heavyweight clash next March.

And when they came face-to-face, the former champ took a swing.

Bellew said: “I’m disgusted really, I’m shocked. He was clearly shaken, he was anxious when he got close.

“I wanted to talk to him and tell him a few home truths, not for the cameras, not for the mic. No-one would have known what we said but as I pushed him off he punched me in the side of the head.

“I think he expected me to do the dance he’s done on a number of occasions but I don’t dance. I go down and come back up.

David Haye (left) Tony Bellew (right) during the press conference at the Dorchester Hotel, London.

Haye and Bellew lock horns

David Haye (left) Tony Bellew (right) during the press conference at the Dorchester Hotel, London.

Haye and Bellew go at each other

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“I’m all for selling the show but that for me is not selling the show. I’m a professional sportsman and a businessman, I didn’t come here to bring the sport into disrepute. I didn’t come here to throw a punch.

“I just found it distasteful and disgusting that he’s bragging about leaving me in hospital.

“There are fighters in hospital. It’s the most dangerous sport there is, we don’t need clowns saying that, it’s disgusting.”

Bellew also claimed Haye looked rattled during the 30 minute verbal confrontation.

He added: “I’m here to get home to my kids, and to perform to the best of my ability, David has forgotten where he’s from, we’re from very similar backgrounds.

Haye and Bellew were then separated

“He’s rattled. he’s shook up and he’s rattled. I’m trying to carrying boxing in the best way I can.

“There was only one world champion in that room today and it was me. I’ve never seen him so rattled, he’s under a lot of pressure.

“I know why he’s fighting me, it’s because I’m the money fight.”

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